About Us

We go above and beyond with a customer-first approach that’s always playful, fun, and practical. We are designers who work together to make good design happen that’s affordable. Inside our studio, you’ll find us elbow-deep in sketches or playing around with concepts. Our design process is a total collaboration from pencil and paper scribbles to materials and machines, even packaging and assembly.

We always pair craftsmanship and quality materials with well-respected suppliers to produce products that will last. Products that are there to be enjoyed and loved.

We design 90% of everything we sell! We are building this business to support our design habits and control the entire process, from product development to our customer’s in-store and online experiences.

Our goal from the beginning is all about good design, creating affordable unique homeware and furniture that is top-notch quality with no attitude. We have realized what may be affordable to some isn’t to others, so we strive to keep our products affordable. We use the highest quality raw materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to compete in today’s market while having prices that will surprise you.